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  1. Sports is all about physical activity . It helps in   growth of   children and   Physically and mentally health. Sports play a very important role in life.  Those kids  Who play sports are less stressed out than those kids who do not play sports in life. Participation in sports has many advantages like increased fitness level, increased height, developed kids brain, increased confidence, team work leadership  and other skills. Today many people like to play a indoor activities which is very harmful for growth children’s. .when you are playing indoor games you have a limited freedom no fresh wind and no sunshine   It is completely different to the natural conditions of playing outdoors.


About badminton game

Badminton game is a  indoor and outdoor activity which  is played all over the world. Many sports men & women play badminton game today. Badminton is a very popular game in sports industry. Rackets and shuttlecock are  two main  equipments in badminton game. Points are scored by striking the shuttlecock with the rackets and landing it within the opposing side .Each side may only strike the shuttlecock only once before it passes over the net. Play ends once the shuttlecock has struck the floor. The game is developed by British  India. Of  earlier game of battledore and shuttlecock .The early this game is played by three people using small rackets .Battledores made of(parchment) is a like a skin of animal guts are made by wooden frames and shuttlecock made by light material feathers fixed around the top.

“From early 2000 years ago the game was know as the name  of  shuttlecock and it has been popular in India, China ,Japan then today everyone knows it by the name of   badminton game”



The name shuttlecock  orginates  in England .  The shuttlecock weight around 4.75 to 5.50 gm. The shuttlecock has two varieties.

  1. Feather: It has 16 feather 70 mm in length .And feather shuttlecock is fragile and need replacement after 1 game .Most of the international tournament are played with feather shuttlecock. Feather shuttlecock is slow as compare to plastic shuttlecock for these reasons plastic shuttle cock have been discovered.




Plastic shuttlecock

Plastic shuttlecock is more durable as compare to feather shuttlecock .Plastic shuttlecocks are fast and durable. But if you play single I recommended to go for feather shuttlecock. Plastic shuttlecock has three different types.

  1. Slow (Green cap slow)
  2. Medium (Blue cap medium)
  3. Fast (Red cap fast)

Rules of badminton game and given below.

  1. Badminton match has 3round each round is 21 points.
  2. At 20 both the sides a and b whichever gains 1 lead first wins the game.
  3. The side winning a game serves first in next game.
  4. In the starting of the game, when the server’s score is even, he/ she serves from right while the score is odd ,the server serves from the left.
  5. The shuttlecock must hit with in the box of the opponents side.
  6. If the shuttle cock hit net then the point is given to the opponents side.
  7. If a any player touch the net or any body part or even player racket the match umpire given to the point of opponents side.
  8. After game both the team A and B can take 90 seconds rest.


About court dimension

  1. Court dimension normally is 20 feet 44 feet.
  2. The middle of the court where the net is placed and 22 feet by 20 feet each side of the net.
  3. The service line is 6 feet from the centre line.
  4. The centre line that divided the court from the short service line to back boundary line.
  5. Single players side line is 1 1 /2 feet from the outer boundary.
  6. Back boundary line is same for singles and doubles.
  7. The long service line in doubles is 21/2 feet.
  8. The height of badminton net is 5 feet 1 inch




How to improve your game experts and researchers reviews

  1. Always use Light weight racket.
  2. Always use tight strings racket.
  3. Keep your eye on the shuttlecock and then hit the smash.
  4. Most important point is perfect coordination with your game partner.
  5. Racket grip is very important for improve your game without a perfect grip you cannot hit smash and put drop and pick smash.
  6. Put your smash power on right time and right place for eg : clear smash to the centre of the both player and backhand where no one pick the smash.
  7. Always watch opponent position and then you can take a point.
  8. Always wear sports cloths don’t not wear full trouser.
  9. Play indoor court and light weight sports shoes.
  10. Play with feather shuttlecock.
  11. Daily half hour practice
  12. Take rest 2 days in a week

Tip how to hold a racket while playing the game


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